Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pizza Recipes - Enjoy 212 Hot and Delicious Home Made Pizza Recipes (235 Pages)

There are a few "secrets of the trade" in making your own pizza; once you know them, it is not hard to make your own and it takes very little time.
Pizza has become an international food since the toppings can be extensively varied to meet local variations in taste. These pizzas consist of the same basic design but include an exceptionally diverse choice of ingredients, such as anchovies, egg, pineapple, grilled lamb, coconut, sauerkraut, eggplant, lamb, couscous, chicken, fish, and shellfish, meats done in ethnic styles such as Moroccan lamb, kebab or even chicken tikka masala, and non-traditional spices such as curry and Thai sweet chili. Pizzas can also be made without meat for vegetarians, and without cheese for vegans. Breakfast pizzas are topped with ingredients such as scrambled eggs.

Many Pizza Recipes to choose from. Find Pizza dough recipes and Pizza sauce recipes, as well as pizza for everyone's taste. There is Vegetarian Pizza recipes, Mexican Pizza, California Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Mushroom Pizza, Ham and Pineapple Pizza, and Dessert Pizza, too. There is even a special Diabetic recipe for Pizza. There is Hot Pizza's and Cold Pizza's, lots of Pizza's!!

Inside you will find Hot and Delicious Pizza Recipes like...

Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza
Beefy Hash Brown Pizza
Breakfast Pizza
Camper's Pizza
Cheese Steak Pizza
Easy Bake Oven Deep Dish Pizza
Ground Beef Pizza
Heart Shaped Valentine Pizza
Hot 'n Sweet Pizza
Low Carb Pizza
Philly Cheese Steak Crescent Pizza
Pop-Up Pizza Casserole
Sloppy Joe Pizza
Southwest Beef & Chile Pizza
Super Stuffed Pizza
Spam Pizza
Supreme Pizza
Spinach And Goat Cheese French Bread Pizza
Three-Cheese Pizza With Mushrooms and Basil
French Bread Pizza

Truffle Pizza
Upside Down Pizza
White Pizza with Mascarpone and Smoked Mozzarella
Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Burrito Mexicalian Pizza
Caramelized Onion And Gorgonzola Pizza
Cheesy Pepper and Mushroom Pizza
Double Filled Mushroom Pizza
And many more great recipes...

Friday, July 31, 2015

Secrets from inside the Pizzeria

In “Secrets from Inside the Pizzeria” you will learn:

 *Where to find the “secret ingredients” you can’t buy at the grocery store.

*The never-before published techniques of Manhattan’s famous New York pizza makers.

*The secret of knowing exactly when your dough is “perfect” (plus how to toss the dough like a pro)!
*Why you should never put your pizza dough on a pan. Plus the secret piece of equipment you must      put in your oven that will make a world of difference in the quality of your pizza.

 *Why the secret of great pizza is NOT in the sauce (but we’ll give you our sauce secrets too).

 *Cheese blend secrets (and why pizzerias often skimp on cheese)

 *How to make your family and friends exclaim that your pizza is the best pizza they have ever eaten.

 *Why you should never use chlorinated (city water) when making your pizza (and the 110° rule).

 *Sources for finding the best pizza ingredients you can buy in bulk. Get the best for less!

 *The “sea salt” difference.

 *Our secret “licorice” tasting ingredient. This one will surprise you.

 *Why you must “unlearn” everything you’ve learned about making bread.

 *The one thing you must do prior to baking your pizza (this will make your pizza great).

*How to turn your kitchen into the best pizza place in town!